Color Explosion

Thanks to the wonders of Pinterest I have not only lost hours of my life, but I have also found some really fun and educational ways to keep the zoo happy! 

In my search for toddler based science fun I found an activity that would allow the kids to play with color. Come on now, what kid doesn’t love to play with different colors! We call this project Color Explosion. 

Here is what you need to complete this project:

Milk, a shallow dish (I used a pie pan), Food Coloring, Cotton Swabs, A small dish (for the soap), and liquid dish soap


The first step of this project was to pour the milk into the shallow pan. Image


Once the milk was poured the fun with the color was ready to start. The kids were able to put drops of various food coloring into the milk. This really let Buggie and Lil girl practice their fine motor skills. They had to grasp the small bottles of food coloring and be able to control their pinch to make sure only one drop came out of the bottle. 



I’d love to say that this part of the project went off seemlessly, but then where would the fun be? Lil man was able to grasp the bottle, but had trouble getting just one drop. It’s a work in progress. Lil Girl had much more trouble grasping the food coloring bottle and ended up dropping it into the pan with the milk multiple times. 

Once the milk was colored to their liking, It was time to take our dish soap and cotton swabs and start playing with color. There is a really good scientific reason that the soap reacts the way it does with the milk, but for a 4 year old and 2 year old we didn’t get into that. ImageImage


I love the way the colors look once things start going with the soap being dipped into the mixture. This activity keep the kids entertained and allowed them to see how colors mixed and swirled together. The worst part of this was it ended way to fast for their liking! Once both of the kids got their hands into the project and were swirling the color around we ended up with what looked like a milky muddy mess! But it was worth the smiles it brought to these two kids. 

ImageBefore  this became the milky muddy mess that we ended with, it was really pretty to see the colors.ImageThe final product!

I will definetly do this one again, but allow each child to have their own pallet to work from and see how the two varry from one another based on age and ability. 



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