Getting to know the Slpashes


We are the Splashes!

We are the Splashes!

I go by Erin, well that is what the adults call me anyways. I will also answer to mom, mommy, and whatever else the little zoo I created decides to call  me. I am mommy to three amazing kids who range from gifted to possible spectrum. I am completing my last year of my degree in ESE education with a concentration in Autism. Following graduation in May I will start my masters in ABA therapy. I am bipolar, have a multitude of sensory issues, ADHD and a few other pinches of craziness added into that mix. My sensory issues include tactile defensiveness, I can’t handle large crowds of people, I cover my ears at certain noises, I have meltdowns of my own. I tend to finger tap at odd moments, typically when I am stressed or thinking really hard. (Hubby said I show many of the same signs as my ASD kiddos). As for Hubby, he has ADHD but has done really well without medications and learned to self regulate. He is the rock in the house when I am too into my own world to handle anything. He will send me to my quiet place when he sees me getting overwhelmed.

My Oldest (AKA my little advocate) is 6 yo, she will be 7 in September. She is gifted and always in need of an extra challenge in life. She also has adhd and rage issues. At this point she is not medicated and we are working with behavior modification for her tendencies. If it begins to interfere with her school work then I might consider medication.

My middle child (AKA Buggie or Lil Man) is my spectrum kiddo, he was diagnosed with PDD-NOS at the age of 3.5 yo. I waited a long time and listened to the doctors who said “wait and see” and “he will catch up” until the age of 3 he was non-verbal. While he is verbal, he has a huge problem communicating his needs and wants. He has come leaps and bounds in the last year, but we still have a long road. He also has ADHD, sleep issues, SPD, a heart murmur, and will be seeing a neurologist next month to address new concerns.

My youngest (AKA, LIL Girl) is 2.5 yo, she is minimally verbal. She has the vocabulary limits of an 18 mo old, and very hard to understand. She is showing signs of SPD, flaps, and has some major meltdowns which lead to head banging. She interacts with adults and children older than her, but not her own age group. She has many NT signs as well, she plays pretend, has great eye contact. She is set scheduled for testing in October (or september I can’t remember the exact date)


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