To my little advocate

Dear Gabriella,

This time seven years ago I was wobbling my way to the hospital to give birth to you. I couldn’t wait to meet you and hold you in my arms. I had a million and one plans for you life. Such a silly mom I was. I had your certain things in mind that I wanted for you. I was your typical first time mom, I thought I knew it all.

After a normal delivery I was handed my beautiful healthy daughter. In those moments after you were born I could not imagine loving another human being as much as I loved you.


I had to learn a whole new way of living. I could no longer focus on only myself, I had you to worry about. I loved every minute of being a new mom. I learned all the new things a mommy should learn. When you got your first high fever I frantically called my mom and when she told me I didn’t have to rush you to the hospital I told her she was wrong. I mean I was the new mom of a beautiful three-month and she was the mom of your 23-year-old mom and her 17-year-old sister.

A year later I watched you meet the milestones that all parents wait for. You were walking and babbling. In my eyes you were perfect as we celebrated your first birthday.


I was now the proud parent of a toddler. You were no longer a baby, but not really grown up either. I missed the days when you sat still and would fall asleep on my chest. We were now at the baby proof the entire house. Some one should have had me put a lock on the toilet. I remember on Christmas morning that year after you turned one, you took my cell phone and dunked it into the toilet. I guess it needed to be cleaned.  This year in your life would bring another round of firsts. You not only were walking, but also running. You still babbled but also started talking. This was the year you would become a big sister as well.

Image You met your brother just 21 days after you turned two. Even at two you became this little mommy. Whenever your brother needed something, you wanted to be right there to make it better.

We took you to Disney for your birthday the year you turned three. You see you have always been my little princess and I wanted to give you the royal treatment that year. So we packed up you and your brother and off we went for a birthday I thought you would love. I booked you an appointment to have a royal make over in Disney no less. They did your hair and make up to match the Cinderella dress. You even got to open the World of Disney store on your special day. You were the ultimate princess for the day. 3rd bday

It wasn’t long after this birthday that things started to change in our home. Your brother was turning one that same year. There were so many things he did not do yet that you had done by that age. He had just started crawling at the age of one, didn’t walk until he was over a year and a half, and wasn’t talking. He started living in his own world.  This year was hard on us, but we didn’t let it stop our family from doing what we do best: taking care of you and your brother.

Your third year of life brought you into the world of dance as you began ballet and tap dance. You were the true meaning of a prima ballerina.


Over the years, We have watched you grow into this amazing lady. You are a a natural care taker. No matter where we are in life you have and will always be there to take care of anyone who needs it. Especially your brother and sister.

Today on your 7th birthday, I celebrate you and the wonder you have brought to my life and the lives of every person you come in contact with.


Happy birthday my sweet sweet princess.

Love always,



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