Day 4

I am thankful for my dad. 

When I was younger he would take me with him to “build” parts of the haunted hayride every September at the metro park. We built a boat together (He did all the work, I just handed him things). My dad instilled a love for music in me, an appreciation for the outdoors and bought be my first fishing pole. In 1993 we moved from Ohio to Florida. That June, my mom and I were out shopping for gifts for my sister’s 5th birthday. While we were out he had a massive heart attack.  I don’t remember much except my sister and I stayed with a neighbor while my mom rushed to the ER. This was before cell phones were popular and everyone had one, we didn’t find out until we got home and a neighbor stopped my mom. 

In 2007 my dad had another major heart attack which lead to a bypass surgery and a pacemaker. 

With each surgery we stood by his side waiting for the doctors to come out and say everything went well. 

Today my dad is healthy and lives with the restrictions that his heart condition requires. 


I am thankful that I still have my dad in my life and that he has always been one of my biggest cheerleaders.


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