Taking Care of Me

So many times I lose myself in the roles of the various jobs I play.  Mom, wife, teacher, sister, daughter, advocate … these all blur and become one at some point. The biggest issue I run into is I somehow lose me in all of this.

Who do they want me to be? Can I be everything they need?

I find that I put so much energy into making sure everything is running smoothly for my children and husband that it normally turns into chaos. Yep that’s right! CHOAS, the exact opposite of what I intended or needed to happen.

Where did I go wrong? Why can’t I get it right?

I can’t get it right because I’m not taking time to step back and enjoy the little things in life. I’m not taking care of me so that I can be the best version of me for them.

This year I will take more time to take care of me. I will take more time to enjoy the small pleasures of my family and life in general. This year I will start to figure out how to do it for my family.


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