Reflection from a film

When I was younger my favorite movie was Mr. Holland’s Opus. I loved it for two reasons, one I was a ultimate band geek and two it showed the Deaf community and the struggles a family went through when their child was born with a difference that the world would call a disability. 

You see at that time in my life I was extremely young and unaware. I thought I wanted a child that was deaf. I know this sounds horrible, but it is what it is. I was very involved in the Deaf community. Many of my friends were deaf, my best friend’s Mom was deaf and in my mind (like a said a very young mentality) that is what I wanted. 

This thought came rushing back to me two years ago while I sat in the doctor’s office when my son with diagnosed as having autism.

Last night when I could not sleep I decided to watch Miracle Run on Lifetime. 

With a new mindset and a different mentality I cried in watching this movie. I cried as the mom in the film received the diagnosis and had a break down. I empathized with her as she sat there saying all of her hopes and expectations for her twins had been ripped away from her. I knew how she felt when people she loved in her life walked away because of autism. 

What I loved most about this movie is that this mom fought! She fought hard for her two boys to grow in their own ways and at their own pace. She never gave up. She learned the laws and the legalities that ensured her boys had education. She even started her own foundation for autism. 

The movie was based on one family’s real life experiences with autism, from diagnosis to the boys being in Gen Ed high school and applying for college. 

When I was in high school and had a very young mentality I had no clue what I was in for. As an adult I still don’t know what all life will bring for my lil man or lil girl who has her own set of challenges, but I do know that I will never stop fighting for their rights. I will never allow my hopes and expectations be lowered by their labels. 

In today’s world we must still fight for our children to receive equal and appropriate education, but it is a fight we must never give up on or we are giving up on our kids.