Day 4

I am thankful for my dad. 

When I was younger he would take me with him to “build” parts of the haunted hayride every September at the metro park. We built a boat together (He did all the work, I just handed him things). My dad instilled a love for music in me, an appreciation for the outdoors and bought be my first fishing pole. In 1993 we moved from Ohio to Florida. That June, my mom and I were out shopping for gifts for my sister’s 5th birthday. While we were out he had a massive heart attack.  I don’t remember much except my sister and I stayed with a neighbor while my mom rushed to the ER. This was before cell phones were popular and everyone had one, we didn’t find out until we got home and a neighbor stopped my mom. 

In 2007 my dad had another major heart attack which lead to a bypass surgery and a pacemaker. 

With each surgery we stood by his side waiting for the doctors to come out and say everything went well. 

Today my dad is healthy and lives with the restrictions that his heart condition requires. 


I am thankful that I still have my dad in my life and that he has always been one of my biggest cheerleaders.


Thankful for Her


Lil Advocate, Age 2

In September of 2006 I was blessed with my first child. While all children are gifts, this child was something special. My pregnancy with her was rough. I spent most of it on bed rest after going into labor at only 15 weeks into the pregnancy. My cervix had already started to dilate and due to a partial placenta previa my OB could not surgically close my cervix. This meant I had to spend all of my second trimester and part of the third on bed rest.

I do not know how to stop moving or sit still. In order to ensure I stayed on bed rest my husband and mom decided it would be best if I stayed at her house where my younger sister was home during the day finishing her senior year of high school via virtual education.

By the third trimester I was released from bed rest but told to take it easy. My husband and I FINALLY were able to move into our first apartment. I spent the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy getting ready for this little girls arrival. Finally the day came, and I got to meet this beautiful baby girl. The best thing about it was she was MINE! and boy was I scared about that. 

Lil advocate has been a blessing to this family since the day she was placed in my arms. While she may never understand how much she had taught me about life, she will always feel the love I have for her. I am thankful for this amazing child that calls me mom everyday. Image She has a personality that will light up the room. Our family would not be complete without her. 

I am thankful that with all the challenges our family faces and the amount of attention that her siblings require she still comes out on top of it all. Her determination to succeed in life is one that is awe inspiring. I am thankful that I can be a positive role model for her to learn from. 

I am thankful that my daughter welcomes me into her heart with love and understanding. I am not always happy or perfect, but she knows that at the end of the night I will give her that huge hug and kiss before she goes off to sleep. 

I am so thankful that my daughter knows how great she is and how much she means to me. Image