Standing out,

When was the last time you really stood out in a crowd? Are you comfortable in that position, or do you wish you could fade into the woodwork?


Every time my kids and I go out in public I pray that this time will be better. That this time my son wont throw himself on the ground screaming because he doesn’t understand that he can not have a lunchable today. We just came for some milk and bread. I secretly hope that this time he wont go up to the guy at home depot and poke his belly and tell him he is fat, or that he won’t tell the cashier at target her face has too many lines and he doesn’t like it.

I wish that I could take the family out to dinner without first having to pack a bag of essentials to make sure my younger two can make it through ordering and begging the server to put a rush on the food. The essentials include:  2 iPads/2 sets headphones/ 2 fidget toys/lil girl’s blanket/and something to make sure the oldest doesn’t feel left out from my bag of tricks.

I wish we didn’t get the odd looks when our son and daughter are screeching and covering their ears because I didn’t get the headphones soon enough. The last time we went out, I overheard the family behind us complain to their server.  Because of this, we don’t go out. If hubby and I want chilli’s or something along those lines, we order it and I go pick it up.

Not all day’s are this bad, there are a lot of good days too. Sometimes the good days and the bad days are the same day. But it’s hard to feel as if everyone is staring at your family. Whatever their reason maybe, whether it’s a look of concern, companion, or god forbid a look of judgment, what I really want is no one to stare. I am already battling my own demons when it comes to these behaviors in public and most of the time on the verge of tears.

 I don’t want to stand out anymore! I want to fit in. But my kiddos weren’t born to fit in, they were born to stand out … So I stand out with them and I will do whatever I can to ease the cause of their behavior. 


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